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We target your training through identification of training zones and then train to your individual needs. Our software gives great live feedback (and post session) allowing us to really focus your needs on an individual level. All session data is captured for post session analysis (if needed) as well as linking with your own training/ tracking software (Training Peaks, Strava and Map My Fitness to name a few), by the time you are off the bike the data is already in your own account so no kudos is ever lost. Whether a novice cyclist/ athlete or a seasoned veteran we lead the way in being able to deliver training individually tailored.

Our Story

WattZone is a state of the art Indoor cycle studio powered by Wattbike based in Ilkeston. In addition to Wattbike we are also equipped with Wahoo smart trainers to offer a variety of training options. We offer a leading studio for Cyclists/ Triathletes and those wishing to improve fitness by training SMART, we believe in quality over quantity and by tracking your sessions and periodic testing we are absolutely confident in taking your performance into the next Zone.

Train and Ride SMART

Our smart trainers Wattbike Atom and Wahoo Kickr are two of the leading Smart FE-C controlled static trainers meaning you get the opportunity to dial in some very specific training. If you want to try the Atom or sit on your own bike we have the options. All our systems link in to the studio software so nothing is lost. We can offer specific training sessions via the software or even download a GPX Course/ Strava segment so you can chase down that QOM/ KOM or ride a route you will do in the future. In order to maximise your training it does need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time based), and we have the tools and equipment to achieve that, you just need to be part of it.


WattBikes Real Ride Feel technology’ replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road. Perfected over 10 years working alongside British Cycling, Olympic Cyclists and world-leading sports scientists, it’s the most authentic ride feel in the world. So all the pain you put yourself through indoors translates directly to performance improvement where it really matters. 

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